Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Liebster Award!

Well I've had this blog less than a week and I logged in the other night and found out that Sarah at Pings and Needles  had given me a Liebster award.  She was so sweet in her comments saying how I could even sew in a straight line although I'm just a beginner.  Thank you so much!

The Liebster award is given by someone and then you gift it on to another three bloggers, who have fewer than 300 followers.  It's a viral way of sharing some bloggy love and enabling people to remember and discover those smaller blogs.  In order to accept the award, the recipient has to then gift it on to three other bloggers. Mine are:

a cuppa and a catch up: I love Nova's cheery blog and the way that she embraces her occasionally wonky stitches (sometimes putting them in intentionally).  Her use of colour, the Dr Seuss pillow for the Queensland Flood Appeal and the reference to tea in the title have meant her blog has won a little spot in my heart.  Go visit, as she's wonderful!  An all round crafty lady :-)

Stitches and Scissors: Darci's blog is a ray of multi-coloured delight.  She seems to share my love of animal printed fabrics, particularly one's with birds on.  I adore the choices she makes, animals and the  fabric she has chosen for her curtains in the sewing room should make the room an envy of all.  Go visit her for a dose of inspiration.

Fatty Unbound: An Awesome fatshion blog run by my dearest friend Kirsty.  I find the way that she brings colours and styles together exciting, empowering and a real way to show that fat and fashion can and do go together.  She also writes some interesting thought pieces concerning the media and her own life.  Plus she is a crafter and determined to begin in the world of quilting, something which I very much encourage!

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  1. Thanks so much! I can't wait til I am able to hang up those curtains!