Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Big Thank You...

... to a woman I've never met but who wrote this series of posts called 'Quilting Without Obligation'.  They say don't be hung about what the folks on quilting blogs are doing, their fabric choices, their designs, the pressure to be original etc.  Remember why you're doing this and what you want out of the quilting. 

Perhaps this seems an odd post to have found so enlightening for someone who hasn't even made a single quilt yet.  However I've been sat with a sketch pad all evening designing my quilt, various swatches and trying to think of the best way for the fabrics to all fit together.  I was looking at patterns online, across the quilting blog-o-sphere and flickr.  So many of them require you to use many fat quarters (8 or more) whereas I want to use just 4 (the Eleanor Grosz animal print ones I have).  I've decided that I'm going to go with my 'gut' design that will showcase the fabrics I love with oodles of cream, some spots for the edging pieces, and a pretty binding and back.  This quilt is for *me*.

I'm nervous but excited.  This is going to be a challenge for me but I figure with a simple design, how can I go too wrong?  

Next I need to work out how to cut the various fabrics to make the sort of design *I* want.


  1. You need to take the 'noreply-comment' off your blog so I can reply to the comment you left on my blog!

  2. @quiltilicious

    I have done that now on my blog but it seems that blogger is quite grumpy about having a 'reply to' comments feature by the author. I added some code into the template that I found here:

    Hope that helps... I'm a bit new to this blog lark but thank you for leaving my first comment :)

  3. I am a quilter in IL - I see that you've taken the process pledge - AWESOME! Too many blogs and quilt photos on the web do not include any kind of explanation in the process! And that's always what interests me the most. I love seeing YOUR process behind your FIRST quilt!!

  4. I like your process pledge badge, and what the person on the other end of that link said about unfinished items and things that go wrong - today I had to hack off the cuff of the first mitten I'd ever knit because it went wrong, and pick up the stitches higher up (I couldn't even unravel it, it was all tangly). Cringe!
    It hurt to snip into my knitting with those sewing scissors. xxx