Friday, March 25, 2011

Hand Quilting

I've had a conspicuous absence from my blog recently a I was lost in the spring rush where all academic deadlines occur at the same time. Now I have some space to breathe with just one week's worth of teaching left for this academic year. However before Christmas I will have a full version of my phd so it's going go be a tough slog but one where crafting will provide a much needed haven.

Anyways back to crafting, quilting more specifically. A few weeks ago I posted some pictures of the beginning of my sampler quilt that uses the Quilt as you go method. I've done another block, which I'm quite proud of because it represents the fruits of my first foray into the world of hand quilting.

I used the big stitch quilting style with perle 8 cotton thread in a navy blue. I'm planning on having this as the central panel of my sampler quilt.

I think I've fallen in love with hand quilting... I love the rocking motion and the thimble and the soothing nature of doing it. I'm surprised. I think I'll still be doing machine quilting too though :)

Although I've been blog absent I've been working on several projects that include: a 2 rib scarf in a blue variegated yarn with pink foil accents; the knitted tie (I'm going to write up a pattern for this as I've designed it specially. It'll be simple but for me a test of patience as it isn't the most exciting); some free embroidery; and another little hand quilted mug rug but that's another surprise present so no pics yet.

Now I've discovered the ability to blog from my phone it should be easier to update. Off for a crafty extravaganza in Brighton this weekend. Hurrah!

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