Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'd like to introduce you to...

Some charming little felted animals that have come into existence over the past few days.  Now my Mum was able to finish hers on Sunday morning, whilst I was being a sleepy head.  I've only just finished mine a few minutes ago before sharing the pictures here with you.  I waited a day or so because I wanted to showcase them together, as they were made in tandem, whilst watching 'The Illusionist'.

Please meet the Felties (patterns were from 'Felties' by Nelly Pailloux)

Sleepy Fox - sewed by me.

Vivid Squirrel - sewed by my Mum.  Look how neat her stitching is!! I'm impressed.
Cute little felted animals aside, last night I made my first 'liberated' quilt block after reading Liberated Quiltmaking II by Gwen Maston. Oh it's an incredible and inspirational book.  I just sat there perusing the pictures, dreaming up designs with fabric and wanting to start planning projects galore. However photos of my first 'liberated' quilt block will have to wait until tomorrow but I will just say that it includes reds, purples, grey and black. Bold colour choices, I know but what better to make a little 'mug rug' to have in my office.

Bed and book time now, as I'm a sleepy thing.  Happy crafting everyone!


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